Private & Public Chivalry.

..We endeavour to spend
..our time engaged in:

1 - Thinking good thoughts
.2 - Speaking good words
.3 - Doing good things

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This is how we move forward.
We work either as one knight, our or as a team. In nearly equal numbers we are men and women: knights, participating in the ranks as well as in leadership. We pursue our knightly challenge from all ages, as many above as below the age of forty. Most of our projects are small, daily, routine activities aimed at helping those around us. This keeps us focused as we walk our daily course. Through pursuing the basic exercises: 'think good thoughts´, 'speak good words', 'do good deeds', we are able both to help others and feel satisfaction in how we live. We also all are invited and encouraged to participate in proposing, planning, approving and executing our team projects. Long term objectives some of us are pursuing, and regularly invite our sister and brother knights to join us at are:
- To deliver education where it does not exist, and to persuade those who should be doing it: to carry on from us.
- To begin replacing lethal fire arms with non-lethal implements and methods of controlling those whose acts require they be control..
- Organise the collection, preservation and distribution of the 50+% of edible food which now is lost through waste, poor management and geographical dislocation.
- To acquire and adapt surplus ships to safely and comfortably receive human settlement on an emergency basis - with the possibility of sustaining long term settlement through developing tethered floating islands. Hoping to have available such shelter in the Mediterranean; Adriatic, Bengal, Andaman in time to relieve urgent and growing refugee & migration emergencies.
Additional we fight Slavery, Traffickers, Corruption and global warming.

Before coming together in this chivalric endeavour, we accomplished our missions through the coordinated efforts of a collegial force of likeminded individuals. Whose ranks were supported by a small paid staff, dispersed in cities and countries where we acted. And finally there was a small fluid army of local and International volunteers.
Here are the Demographics for our volunteers the past 10 years

Funding for our projects
comes from a variety of sources: unsolicited contributions from companies, small donors and philanthropists. We have at times opend business, or partnered with enterrise on bealf of one of our projects.
"Fundraising" is seldom heard in our messages, though we are always glad when someone offers to help with this.