Private & Public Chivalry

..We endeavour to spend
..our time engaged in:

1 - Thinking good thoughts
.2 - Speaking good words
.3 - Doing good things

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Duing fifty years leading up to forming ourselves into this knightly endeavour, the founders have actively participated in some of the defining events of our times: attempting to apply workable solutions - especially to chronically unresolved problems.. Allways projecing ways we might involve ourselves to positive effect. Regularly challenging one another to take more and better responsibility for our own and other's destinies, and that of our community. We similarly challenge each other day to day on the issue of how well we are progressing at our standing mission of solving problems and making things better.




We call these projects
our "Agenda",
and we call our agnda:


We foster cooperation between all services for pilgrims. To accomplish this we befriend past pilgrims living in places along the Camino: .
Cooperating with local authorities & services (in low profile) we are prepared to see to the well-being of pilgrims along the way,.
We facilitate projects along the way which permit pilgrims who wish to help (such as planting high-carbon-conversion seedlings. here & there).
We employ the latest technology, such as special mobile apps to unobtrusively serve
We help augment communications with things like portable hot spots.
Our goal is to be able to say with confidence: enjoy your pilgrimage, we've got your back.