Private & Public Chivalry.

..We endeavour to spend
..our time engaged in:

1 - Thinking good thoughts
.2 - Speaking good words
.3 - Doing good things

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We are pilgrims who have made it to Santiago de Compostela. Some are also currently serving along the way in a social or Knightly cpacity- helping other pilgrims and/or people and communities along the many ways to Santiago and Finesterre. We all share the common goal of waking each day ready to think good thoughts, speak good words and accomplish good deeds.
We are women and men of all ages, coming from all the inhabited continents. A few of us are in religious orders, others in no religion.

One of the co-founders of the Knights has spent 25 years living by turns in each of 16 cities and villages along the recognised ways leading to Santiago de Compostela (and Finesterre), including living for a year in Santiago de Compostela itself.

Our Knights have mounted long term social projects in ten countries in the Americas, three in Africa, three in Europe and two in Asia. Knights have also served in the capacity of ´aid', volunteer, staff, associate or director in some of the world's most recognisable NGOs, and not a few of the smaller ones as well.